About Campsite work

Campsite work, the word already says it all, working on a campsite. Those who have spend a lot of time on a campsite in their childhood know all about camping life. The cozy atmosphere, being outdoors, meeting lots of new people, cultural trips, doing nothing, enjoying the nice weather, swimming, reading;  anything is possible!


Campsite work with Selectcamp

What is more fun than working in such an unique environment. There are many types of campsite jobs, such as; animation, reception work, restaurant or bar work, cleaning or a more diverse job such as campsite employee with Selectcamp. In this position you get to deal with various aspects of the above mentioned jobs; guest check in and check out, reception hours, guest rounds, answering questions, handle complaints, cleaning, changing gas bottles and light administrative work. No day is the same. Because most of our campsites are situated in France, Spain and Italy you don’t just work abroad, you also live there. The campsite is not only your work place but also your home.

The Selectcamp campsites

As the campsites on which Selectcamp is situated are not our own, you are primarily responsible  for those guests who have booked through Selectcamp and stay in a Selectcamp accommodation. In addition to your team, with whom you work and live together on a daily basis, there will be many other employees working at your campsite. You will also meet many guests who have booked with other organizations or the campsite itself. Although you are not responsible for these guests, you do want to leave a good impression. Who knows, maybe they will book with Selectcamp next year or they have had such a good impression of you and your work, that they would like to work for Selectcamp next season. You're our ambassador!

Our regions & campsites

You can perform campsite work on 50 Selectcamp campsites*, plenty of choice for everyone. Your preference and our impression of you during the interview determines which campsite is best suited for you. Will it be campsite work under the sun of Spain or Italy or do you prefer la Douce France or Croatia (only with Croatian nationality) as seasonal workplace? Read all about our regions and campsites below!

*it is only possible to work in Croatia with the Croatian nationality.

About campsite workRead the experiences of others!
More than 200 campsite employees work on our campsites in Europe every year! Do you want to know how they experienced their job? Read all their stories here!


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Campsite work is great!

  • Discovering new cultures and languages
  • Pioneering in other countries
  • Working hard every day with your team
  • Fun, excitement and adventure
  • Meeting new friends