I'm already looking forward to next season!

Elba is a beautiful island near the coast of Tuscany, and on this island you can find campsite Rosselbe le Palme. It was my first season on this campsite and also my first time that I was going to do the job by myself. All the other seasons I have worked in a team. Before I went to the campsite I was a bit nervous about how everything was going to turn out, but in the end everything went well and I actually really enjoyed myself!

After my arrival on the campsite I met all the employees of the campsite and from the other companies. After the montage team finished all the 16 Glampents I started with cleaning and furnishing the tents. Everything was brand new; the tents, the furniture, the mattresses and all the inventory. Everything looked amazing! After this my first guests arrived quickly. This is always a little bit scary, but it all went great. After my first week I received chocolates and cookies from two families at their departure. How nice is that?! After two weeks of hard work and cleaning it became more quiet. A good occasion to get out and explore the surroundings. Then you can inform your guests with this information!

The thing I liked the most of all is the contact with the guests. This begins with the check-in. The guests arrive at the main reception of the campsite and the reception will tell the guests that Roos from Selectcamp will pick them up on her red bike. After this I show them to their tent. The first impression is the most important thing. You have to wear your uniform, you hair has to be decently and being enthusiastic and having a smile always works. I noticed that most of the guests who arrived were really relaxed. I think that the 1 hour boat trip to Elba contributes a lot to this!

After meeting the guests for the first time I take them to their accommodation. While I am doing this I give them information about the campsite and the activities. When we arrive at their accommodation I give them some practical information about the tent. And so it goes on every day. Of course cleaning is a very big part of the job! The accommodations have to be clean and the inventory has to be complete before the guests arrive. And yes, sometimes you have to clean a tent under a burning hot sun. But despite all this, every time a tent is clean and ready for the guests it gives me a satisfying feeling. Especially when the guests have arrived and I see them sitting all happy in front of their tent! That is the reason why I am doing this job!

In low season the guests were from all kind of countries but in high season they were all Dutch! I prefer when it is a mix of nationalities. This way you will be able to talk German with a family but also English and even Italian. I had really nice families as guests. Some families even recognized me from earlier seasons. One family told me that they will book another holiday next year if they know on which campsite I will work. That was nice to hear! I had many positive reactions about the Glamptents but also about Elba. Some of the guests told me they would be back next year.

Living on a campsite is a really great thing. Everyday your work is outside in the sun, every day this gives you a holiday feeling. Who doesn’t want that? This time my tent was located on a very good spot in the shade, under trees. There were other employees from other companies who also worked alone. Because of this I never felt alone. We went out with each other, to a market, out to dinner, doing a drink together when all the guests were checked in or having a BBQ at our tent.

So basically I had the best time in Elba and I am looking forward to next season!

Who knows I will see you then!


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