We took the big step!

After 20 years of working our regular jobs we wanted to do something different in our lives. Something that we could to together in a warm and sunny place. A job that we could combine with our affection for traveling. After some research on the internet we found Selectcamp who, by chance, were looking for campsite couples.

Our application went very fluently. Out of our enthusiasm we started a Spanish course, this because working in Spain was our preference. We were a bit surprised when we heard that we were placed in the South of France… After all we could not have had a better campsite than Camping Domaine du Colombier in the Côte d’Azur! We had the pleasure to work on a beautiful 5-star campsite for 7 months. Of course sometimes the job was tough, especially the montage and the demontage periods. All the mobile homes had to be as clean as possible. Also the high season months were heavy. Getting up early to check-out the guests, cleaning the mobile homes until 4 PM and after that the new guests are ready to be checked-in. But besides this we also had enough free time to explore the surroundings en to go to the beach/swimming pool.

Our contact with the guests during the check-ins/check-outs, during our reception hours and during our guest rounds were most of the time very nice and relaxed. Guests with questions and small complaints were at first a challenge, but also turned out to be all fine! Taking care of other small things for example; making a planning, taking care of the sheets and the inventory were new for us but we found this very interesting to do. Besides this we had the most beautiful summer weather for 7 months. We had very nice contacts with our colleagues from the campsite and we even build a good relationship with a colleague couple from another company.

This job gave us so much fun that we are going to work another season for Selectcamp at the Côte d’Azur!

Richard & Esther


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