Working in a holiday environment, the perfect combination!

Basically, we can describe last summer in just one sentence: working hard under the sun with amazing experiences.

In the morning we would start by cleaning the accommodations with some music in the background, which was pretty hard work! Of course you always do your best to clean everything in time and leave the accommodation neat and tidy for the guests.

Then, in the afternoon, we would welcome the guests at the reception, which was usually a lot of fun. People are always so excited when they arrive and look forward to a sunny holiday! Sometimes the guests have all arrived by 6 PM, but on occasion you have to wait longer until everyone is in. Of course, guests have to be escorted to their holiday accommodation, which is also part of our job. For us this could sometimes be a bit exciting, because we never knew what they would think of their accommodation. Usually though, they were very happy and couldn’t wait to unpack.

Another task we would carry out is the daily guest round, which involved us visiting our guests for a bit of small talk and to check if everything was fine. Sometimes there are little ‘problems’ with the accommodation. The barbeque doesn’t work, a glass is broken, the gas bottle is empty, or the guests would like to know something about the campsite or the area. It’s then your job to resolve the problem or give good advice. So you could definitely say that you have an interesting and diverse job, whereby responsibility and good team teamwork are key.

After all the hard work, you have one day off a week to explore the world outside your campsite. We visited all kinds of cities and towns. Narbonne, Beziers, Valras-Plage, Sérignan-Plage, Cap d’Agde, Perpignan, and, of course, we went to see the amazing Beyoncé Knowles concert in Montpellier! At night you’re free to do whatever you want: cook a nice dinner, have a drink at the campsite bar, play games together, go for walks on the beach, you name it! And you can always invite your friends and family down to see where you live and work, and spend time with them on your days off. This was an experience we’ll definitely never forget and one that we look back on every day with fond memories. A must for everyone who is interested in discovering new things, likes to meet new people, doesn’t mind a bit of hard work and loves the camping life. All in all, this is a perfect combination of working hard and creating that perfect holiday feeling! 

“A must for everyone who likes working hard and loves the camping life!“

Irma & Esther


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