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Do you have any questions you’d like to ask about working on a campsite for Selectcamp? Here you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions!

It is required that everyone who works for Selectcamp has a good command of the English language, as English is our communication language on the campsites. If you also speak either French or German, we’re even happier!

Yes and no. Most teams (apart from 2 campsites) consist of 2 to 6 people. If you apply with us as a campsite couple, you will obviously be working together on one campsite. If applying alone, you’ll be placed in a team of 3 or more people. The two exceptions mentioned above are Camping Barricata and Camping Orbetello. Because cleaning isn’t actually part of the job requirements on those campsites, we work with 1 person only: the campsite host.

You’ll be working 6 days a week. The hours can vary each week. Other factors that can affect the number of working hours depend on the campsite, your colleagues and how you organise your workload. One thing is for sure; you’ll have enough free time to do fun things!

For most positions, the following working periods apply:

Whole season:

1. End of March until mid-October*, or

Part season:

2. End of March until mid-July*, or
3. Starting on a pre-arranged date between May and September until mid-October*

If you would like to work as Campsite team leader, you need to be available for the whole season.

*The starting dates and ending dates depend on the opening and closing dates of the campsite itself.

Unfortunately we do not have any job vacancies for just the school holidays. The reason for this is that all our campsites open earlier and close later. You can, however, start at a later date in the season, for instance after completing your school exams or graduating from college. As long as you can stay until at least the end of September, it’s no problem.

If you’re turning 18 in the period you’ll be working for us, then you can apply. If you’re younger, you’ll just have to wait another year or two.

By completing our online application form! You’ll then hear within 3 working days whether you’re invited for an interview.

The interviews will take place either the Netherland, Germany or Poland. This depends on wehere you live. We conduct interviews by hosting selection rounds whereby we invite a maximum of 10 people. We start with a presentation about the company and the work, after which we speak to every candidate one by one. It may just take up your entire afternoon.

At the end of the interview, we’ll let you know when we’ll be calling you with the decision. Usually you’ll hear from us within 3 working days after the interview.

After your interview with us, we’ll let you know within 3 working days whether you’ve been hired. When we call you, we will also tell you which campsite we think suits your capabilities and wishes best.

When you fill in your job application form, you can already indicate your preference. We’ll try to take your preference into account where possible. If your preferred choice isn’t available, we’ll sit down together and look for a suitable alternative. You can find more information on our campsites at about campsite work.

First of all, congratulations and welcome! After you’ve been hired and you know on which campsite you’ll be working, you’ll receive an employment contract for a fixed period from us. Click here for the terms of employment. Our annual training programme takes place in March, for which we’ll send you an invitation at the end of February or the beginning of March. After you’ve had your training, it’s time to start organising your travel plans to the campsite. In the meantime we’ll be keeping you up-to-date through newsletters and our new personnel system, my Selectcampjobs, for which we’ll give you a login code.

Your salary depends on your age, job title and whether you have experience working for Selectcamp. For more information, you can always contact us on 072-5183134 or ask us via the contact form here.

The salary will be paid into your bank account around the first of every month.

If you want to work abroad in Europe, you will need a European insurance card, so it’s important to check with your insurance company whether you’re covered in other European countries. It’s also important to have liability insurance with European coverage and a travel insurance company. We are currently looking into whether we can organise travel insurance for you, either at our expense or with an interesting discount. To be continued…

The journey (to and from the campsite) will be organised and paid for by us. You’ll travel to an airport close to the campsite by plane, where you will be picked up by a colleague. Once at the campsite, you’ll have a mountain bike at your disposal. You can also travel to the campsite by car if you wish, in which case we will reimburse you for the calculated distance from your home address to the campsite (excluding tolls and overnight stays). You can also read our terms of employment.

You will either be living alone or with one other colleague in a 6-person chalet tent. The tent is equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, 2 sleeping cabins and a complete inventory. You’ll be sleeping in ‘real’ beds, so not on an airbed on the floor!

That’s right, you do take care of your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have your own kitchen and fridge in your tent. It’s quite common for teams to eat together and there is always someone who likes to cook and someone who doesn’t mind washing up. You can get your grocery shopping from the shop on the campsite or at a nearby supermarket.

Most campsites will have Wi-Fi available. Some campsites offer Internet for free and on others you get a discount. We recommend that you take a SIM free phone with you and get a mobile package or prepaid card in the country where you are working. There are often some very good deals with enough MBs of data.

It is possible to be assigned to a campsite together with your friend. However, we look at each situation separately, because it depends on your individual preferences, where there is space, but also on the manner in which you both present yourselves during the selection round. We could suggest that you work on different campsites that are situated close to one another. If you apply with us as a campsite couple, you could work together on a campsite that is set up for 2 employees, or in a larger team.

You can only go home during the season or your work period if it concerns special circumstances. This could be, for example, for a wedding, a serious illness or a death in the family. Other than this, you cannot take any holidays during the season. The holiday days you accrue will be paid out at the end of your working period.

Yes, they can. If they book through Selectcamp, they’ll even get a 5% discount on the accommodation. Family and/or friends are not permitted to stay with you in your own Selectcamp accommodation. Also remember that you can’t take any days off while people visit you, but you can of course spend plenty of time with them in the evenings and on your days off.

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