Our Terms of Employment Campsite Employees

Will you be joining the Selectcamp team this coming season? Then you’d probably like to know more about what we offer and what you can expect from us. You can read all about our terms of employment below.


If, after your interview, you are informed that you have been selected to work for Selectcamp and you accept our offer, you’ll receive an e-mail to confirm our employment agreement. We then ask you to complete all your personal details in the attachement Excell sheet. We’ll need such information as your social security number, IBAN, BIC and clothing sizes. Once all your details have been completed, we will draw up and send you your Employment Contract for a fixed period as soon as possible. It will be sent to you by post, together with our Rules & Regulations. You can simply sign for approval, and send it back in the attached return envelop.


In order to ensure there are solid and clear agreements between you and Selectcamp, we have drawn up a Rules and Regulations document, which sets out our house rules. As mentioned above, you will receive this document with your Employment Contract.


Because you do not have holidays in between your working period, the holiday days that you accrue over the season are, in addition to the gross monthly salary, paid to you in wages at the end of your contract.


There are two ways of getting to the campsite and returning home: either flying or by your own transport. If you choose to fly, we’ll book the flights for you that suits us both best. Flight departures could be from any of the commercial airports in your home countrey. Any travel expenses to the airport will not be reimbursed. You may choose to drive to the campsite for more mobility during the season, in which case we’ll contribute to your travelling costs in the form of an allowance per kilometre. The allowance is based on one vehicle, regardless of the number of people travelling. We do not reimburse overnight stays or toll charges.


You can also earn commission at Selectcamp. You do this by realising as many direct bookings at Selectcamp campsites (guests who extend their stay or book an accommodation directly with you). Together with your team, you can earn commission on all direct bookings made during the period you work on your campsite. All commissions are paid into your bank account at the end of your contract period.


Before you depart on your new work adventure, you will be offered a training course, which is paid for by Selectcamp. This training will take place in March 2015 and takes a few days of your time. In the training programme we’ll provide you with the tools you need to carry out your job well and efficiently. 


Besides the salary, Selectcamp also provides living accommodation. For the entire working period, you’ll be renting a chalet tent, together with 1 colleague, which is equipped with a real bed, stove, refrigerator and inventory. On some campsites (for 2 campsite employees), you can also stay in your own caravan, in which case you rent the pitch. The rent will deducted each month from your bank account via Direct Debit. Unfortunately, it is not possible to organise your own accommodation on the campsite.  


For every Selectcamp campsite employee there is a bicycle available on the campsite. This can be quite handy, as on some campsites you have some rather long distances to cover. A bike is also useful for doing your grocery shopping outside the campsite.


When you arrive at the campsite, your regional manager will hand you a work-clothing package, which you will need to return to him or her at the end of the season. The clothing package comprises a cleaning uniform (long and short trousers, and shirts) and a uniform for the guest period (long and short trousers, polo shirts, T-shirts, a vest and a singlet and skirt for the ladies).


When you work for us, your family gets 5% discount when they book a holiday with Selectcamp.