The campsite work training

Are you about to start your job as campsite employee with Selectcamp? Then first you’ll be following our campsite work training: the training programme in which we’ll teach you everything about working on a campsite.

Before you actually start work on the campsite you have been assigned to, we provide you with an intensive training programme. We are currently still preparing our training programme for next season. To give you an idea of what to expect, you can read everything about the training programme below.


The two-day training programme consisted of one day of theory and one day of practical training at Camping Tillessensee. The practical training focused on learning to clean and prepare our accommodation for the guests’ arrival. Learning how, in which order and which cleaning aids to use to best clean the accommodation and why. In addition, which inventory belongs to which accommodation and how the accommodation should be prepared according to the Selectcamp guidelines, both inside and outside.

The topics of hospitality, check-in and check-out, guest rounds, complaint handling and administrative duties were all covered during the theory training. Before starting the training programme, every new employee received our manual, which already included a lot of information. We also went through the manual during training. After that, the administrative procedures were explained and we went on by preparing a schedule. After a very interesting presentation about hospitality, there were practice sessions with checking guests in and out, as well as performing guest rounds. Because of our international character the training programme & all information was given to in English.

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