Working abroad

There are many who have gone before you, and there will be many who will follow; working abroad. Have you already had a taste of this exciting challenge? There are many ways to work abroad, but now you can stop looking! What could be more fun than working abroad on a campsite?

Working on a campsite abroad

The whole camping atmosphere, the people around you, working in the great outdoors, learning new languages, discovering new cultures and all that with a fantastic holiday feeling. Whether you choose Italy, Spain or France, Selectcamp takes you one step closer to working abroad!

All you really have to do is apply for a job and who knows, you could be having a personal interview in our head office in beautiful Alkmaar in just 2 weeks.
Would you first like to know a bit more about working in another country? On our website you’ll find pretty much all the information you need to know. Our job vacancies, the campsites, other’s experiences and even an informative video to show what you can expect.

Do you still have a question you’d like to ask? Simply contact us via the contact form or on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our team is ready to help!

Have you gone through the entire application process and have you been hired? Then it’s time to really start the fun and excitement! From anticipation during the preparation period to the moment you have to say goodbye to the campsite and to your team! It’s one big adventure you’ll be talking about for years to come!

We wish you loads of fun!

Working abroad

Still a question? Contact us then via our contactform or Our team is ready for you!